Free Search Engine Marketing Kit, 2.0

    Version 2.0

    By Dan Thies & Dave Davies

    If you’ve always considered Search Engine Marketing an unknowable black art, it’s time to think again.

    The Search Engine Marketing Kit
    • Learn best-practice strategies to maximize traffic.
    • Discover keyword strategies you won’t find anywhere else.
    • Find out the best ways to optimize pages and build links.
    • Avoid getting banned from search engines.
    • Create, optimize, and manage advanced pay-per-click campaigns.
    • Learn how to sell professional search engine marketing services.
    • Work around obstacles such as Flash, content management systems, and server issues.

    Who are the Authors?

    Dan Thies
    • Dan Thies has been a search engine consultant since 2000.
    • He speaks at all US-based "Search Engine Strategies" conferences.
    • He is an executive member of SEOPros, the organization for search engine professionals.
    • Dan maintains SitePoint’s ‘Key Words’ blog.
    Dave Davies
    • Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning, Inc.
    • He offers guaranteed search engine optimization services as well as consulting and training.
    • He has been working in the search engine optimization and internet marketing field since 2001.
    • Dave is a well-published author on the subject, and hosts a weekly radio show on WebmasterRadio.

    Who is the Kit For?

    Site ManagersWeb Site Owners and Managers:

    … if you’re serious about search marketing, and want a detailed, thorough guide that’s thoroughly lacking in bs, The Search Engine Marketing Kit is an excellent choice…

    The Search Engine Marketing Kit is a complete and up-to-date guide on the world of search engines. You’ll learn optimization, keyword selection, and pay-per-click strategies that have been reviewed by today’s leading experts.

    Included in the kit is information on optimization for large complex web sites, including optimizing content management systems and Flash animations, and working around duplicate content and various server issues.

    Web DevelopersFreelance Web Developers and Web Development Firms:

    By offering search engine marketing services to your web design clients, you’ll not only be able to generate additional income, you’ll also become much more valuable to your clients and prospects. By not only delivering web sites but traffic, leads and sales, the potential value of all your web design projects will go through the roof.

    The Search Engine Marketing Kit will show you not only how to create optimized web sites, but also take you step-by-step through how to market, present, and price your search engine services.

    What Does the Kit Contain?

    The Search Engine Marketing Kit is divided into nine chapters:

    Understanding Search Engines Understanding Search Engines
    • Find out how the search engine landscape is shaping up.
    • Discover how crawlers work and exactly what they do.
    • Learn how spiders deal with DNS, server problems and dynamic sites.
    • Get the basics on how search engines set priorities on what to index.
    • Learn how search engines store data about your web pages in a database.
    • Obtain behind-the-scenes information on how search queries are processed and ranked.
    Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
    • Learn advanced keyword research and selection strategies.
    • Improve crawlability to get more of your site indexed.
    • Solve page layout and HTML issues.
    • Optimize the top five key elements of all your web pages.
    • Discover the best submission and paid-inclusion tactics.
    • Avoid getting banned or labeled as a search engine spammer.
    Advanced SEOAdvanced SEO & Search Engine Friendly Design

    I emailed the Search Engine Proposal included with the kit out to a prospective client and was amazed to find a phone call message saying I was hired for their $11,000 SEM project within 3 hours from emailing my proposal!

    • Learn how tables, CSS layout, and frames affect indexing.
    • Deal with Flash, dynamic site, and server issues.
    • Create crawlable JavaScript menus.
    • Discover how dynamic web sites (CMS and shopping carts) affect SEO.
    • Avoid accidentally creating duplicate content for search engines and learn how to diagnose the problem if it happens.
    • Find and fix server and domain issues including dealing with multiple domains, redirects, affiliate program links, custom error pages, and domain name moves.
    • Understand advanced spider control and redirection strategies.
    Understanding Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingPay-Per-Click Advertising
    • Go step-by-step through the pay-per-click advertising process on Overture and Google, including the crucial differences between the two.
    • Learn advanced "Dayparting," positioning, targeting, and distribution strategies.
    • Write ads that qualify and motivate visitors at the same time.
    • Get step-by-step advice on testing using quadrants, the A/B/C method, and benchmarking.
    • Gain advice on creating and testing landing pages for your campaigns.
    • Get tips on improving your conversion rate.
    • Get an overview of the PPC alternatives: paid inclusion, trusted feeds, and paid directory inclusion programs.
    Link Building Link Building
    • Uncover how link analysis, hubs, and Google PageRank work.
    • Create a link strategy and manage your external profile.
    • Write press releases for maximum benefit
    • Understand how articles, blogs, RSS feeds influence site traffic
    • The do’s and don’ts of link baiting
    • How to effectively implement a paid link strategy
    Running an SEM BusinessRunning a Search Engine Marketing Business
    • Gain detailed advice on preparing to sell your services.
    • Uncover the essential services to offer, plus the processes and tools you’ll use.
    • Understand the services selling cycle, gaining experience and references.
    • Discover how to find prospects and write proposals that win the client.
    • Find the best ways to price your work.
    • Plan strategies for your clients, from keyword selection to content and links.
    • Discover how to conduct tracking and reporting for your clients.
    • Learn the advantages of outsourcing work to third parties.
    Case StudiesCase Studies
    • To help put into perspective all the search engine optimization techniques you’ve learned, we’ll walk through three real-life case studies in order to show off the theories in a practical context. Three very different situations will be explored, from a brand new site and its optimization efforts, to the site and content optimizations of two existing sites, and their resultant rankings.
    • Learn insider information from Andy Beal, the owner of the world’s largest SEM firm with over 150 employees (, as well as Jill Whalen of High Rankings, John Slade of Overture, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, and Scottie Claiborne of the Karcher Group.

    Get over a dozen pages worth of reviewed resources and tools to help you with your search engine marketing efforts, including reviews of analysis tools, PPC tools, and various keyword research services.


    Those who purchase Dan’s kit and put it to good use will be much better prepared to run their SEM businesses, while also serving their clients in a highly professional manner.

    SEM ToolsWhen you order The Search Engine Marketing Kit, 2.0, you'll receive a binder with 341 letter-size pages of detailed how-to information, tips and strategies that you can put to use immediately.

    You’ll also receive a CD-ROM packed with tools and documents, for use in your own search engine marketing efforts or as part of your search engine marketing business.

    • Sample SEM Proposal
    • Client Assessment Form
    • Keyword Analysis Worksheet
    • Directory Planning Worksheet
    • Sample SEO Presentation
    • Process Flowchart
    • Sample SEM Services Agreement
    • Site Review Checklist

    ... and more!

    Bonus - Advertising Credits for three major Pay-Per-Click providers

    For a very limited time, buyers of The Search Engine Marketing Kit will receive three coupons with each purchase:

    • Google AdWords $50 worth of Google AdWords™ advertising
    • Yahoo! Search Marketing $50 worth of clickthroughs on Yahoo! Search Marketing
    • $50 worth of clickthroughs on Miva

    These coupons each entitle you to $50 worth of credits on new account sign-ups. See more information about this offer.

    What’s new in the 2nd Edition?

    Dan and Dave have updated all existing content to include the very latest SEO techniques and included a great new chapter on link building. They’ve also included three fantastic case studies to give you a real world view on the difference effective search engine optimisation can make to your web site traffic.

    No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

    As always, we’re so confident that you’ll treasure this book for years to come that we’re happy for you to try it risk-free for 30 days. So, if you purchase a copy of The Search Engine Marketing Kit and you don’t think it provides everything you wanted and expected, we would like you to have your money back.

    Simply contact us and we will see to it that you receive a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price, minus shipping and han nhdling.

    How to Order this Kit

    The Search Engine Marketing Kit, 2.0

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