FREE Web Design Business Kit 2.0

    The Web Design Business Kit 2.0
    • Proven techniques for building a successful web design business.
    • Strategies to win more business and boost income.
    • Overcome the fear of selling yourself and your business.
    • Practical advice on organizing your business.
    • Simple techniques to maximize revenue from existing and new clients.
    • Template documents (including contracts) covering a wide range of business functions.
    • And so much more!

    Hear From The Author

    The author, Brendon Sinclair, talks about The Web Design Business Kit 2.0 and what it can do for you.

    Brendon Sinclair introduces the business kit

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    The Author:

    • Brendon doesn’t just write about web design businesses, he owns and manages one of the most successful web design firms in Australia, which he built from scratch.
    • His price is often the most expensive but he wins 90% of the jobs he pitches for.
    • His advice and techniques are proven, and have helped continually grow his business over many years.

    The Web Design Business Kit 2.0:

    Through case studies and personal studies, you’ll learn:

    • How to sell yourself
    • What should you charge?
    • How to keep clients for life
    • How to manage budgets
    • How to hire and fire employees

    Plus you’ll receive a binder with 73 actual documents Brendon uses in his day-to-day business including:

    • Business plans
    • Proposals
    • Invoices
    • Surveys
    • Entire Direct Mail Campaigns

    What’s new in the 2nd edition?

    Brendon has taken onboard the feedback from thousands of readers, and expanded the kit with additional advice and ideas that you can apply to jumpstart your business. We’ve even expanded the supporting documents to include Brendon’s latest templates and the new legal documents have provided by IT legal specialists Berrigan Doube.


    This first month we had the kit our business income will be double what we have made at any time in the last 3 years of business. by Deborah Forrister, Sept 17, 2003
    New Chapters:
    • Outsourcing For Great Profits
    • Delight Your Clients
    • Dealing With Those Pesky Clients
    • Business Legalities
    New Documents:
    • Design Contract
    • Hosting Contract
    • Support Contract
    • Ongoing Marketing Contract
    • Confidentiality Contract

    The Author’s Philosophy

    Brendon’s business philosophy is based on solid (but not too common) business sense, combined with radical new approaches that has made Brendon’s web design business one of the most successful in Australia.

    His philosophy is based on four fundamentals:

    1. Your web design and development skills don't matter

    Your average client can’t determine the difference between a good and a bad web site. They can’t really look at your portfolio and say: “This person makes profitable web sites.” Instead, they consider other factors when evaluating you for the job. For example: recommendations from other people, the quality of your brochure, the way you dress or simply your handshake. In the kit, Brendon shows how to make the client very confident that you are the best choice they can make.


    Since purchasing the web design business kit I have pitched and won my biggest job ever. The sample proposal and advice has changed my business goals and focuses for the better. by Eden Brenchley, Mar 30, 2005
    2. You don’t have to be, and shouldn't be the cheapest bidder to win

    Brendon's company is almost always several times more expensive than his competitors, but he still gets 90% of the jobs he pitches for. This is due to his customer service, his meeting approach, his proposals and, well, you’ll have to read the kit to find out.

    3. When the project finishes, your income should not

    Web development is very well adapted for selling extra services. Most of Brendon’s income is from services bought by existing clients. Brendon is a big believer in keeping clients for life, and in this kit, he explains in great detail exactly how he does it.

    4. Your clients are everywhere

    Brendon retells the story of how a 50 cent map of a conference floor with exhibitor names lead to over $100,000 in new business for his firm. The kit is chock-full of ideas for finding, and reaching new prospects for your services, including your competitor's clients.

    What does the kit contain?

    When you order The Web Design Business Kit 2.0, you will receive a rather large box delivered straight to your doorstep. The box will contain two folders and a CD-ROM.

    Here's the full package:

    Folder 1: The Manual

    Folder 1 contains 509 8.5x11 letter-size pages divided into 5 major sections, each designed to walk you through Brendon's approach towards being successful in business.

    Folder 1 - The Manual
    • First Steps In Freelancing
    • Establish Your Business
    • Run Your Business
    • Expand Your Business
    • Look To The Future

    Folder 2: The Documents

    Folder 2 contains 73 ready-to-use business documents, consisting of 182 8.5x11 letter-size pages, categorized into the following sections:

    Folder 2 - Documents
    • Business Planning and Financial Documents
    • Promotional Tools
    • Client Contact Documents
    • Surveys
    • Employment Documents
    • Office Documents

    These are the same documents Brendon uses himself, and have been tweaked for maximum effectiveness over the years.

    CD-ROM: Document Library

    CD-ROMYou'll also receive a CD-ROM containing all the electronic versions of all the business documents represented in Folder 2. These are ready to use — just add your own logo and company name.


    ...recommend this product to anyone looking at running a website design company, that wants to work on the business, and be a business owner and not just self employed. by Thomas Sinfield, Aug 21, 2007

    Who should invest in the kit?

    This kit is ideal for:

    • Freelancers
    • Web Design Shops
    • Internet Consultants
    • Web Designers or Developers
    • Anyone else who sells professional services (especially web-related) to businesses.

    This kit is not so good for:

    • People selling exclusively over the internet (Brendon's approach relies heavily on face-to-face, phone and written communication)
    • People selling directly to consumers, and not businesses.

    If you’re a freelancer or you wish to become one, Brendon will show you how to get started, and how to increase your closing rate and leverage yourself to boost your income.

    If you already own or work for a Web Design Business and you’re looking to take it to the next level, The Web Design Business Kit 2.0 will give you a new perspective on how to do business in this space.

    How do I order the kit?

    Delivered straight to your door

    You can order it here. The kit is priced at $247.00 . If you successfully apply only one lesson that Brendon covers in the kit, you’ll recoup your investment from your very next client.

    * We’re currently offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide for a limited time.

    So you’ll get the kit (a huge package weighing 12 pounds or about 5Kg) delivered to your doorstep for no extra charge.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    We completely and absolutely guarantee the value of The Web Design Business Kit 2.0. We have a very simple policy:

    If you don't believe that The Web Design Business Kit 2.0 is great value for money, simply ship it back to us within 30 days and we'll refund you 100% of the purchase price.