The Web Site Revenue Maximizer TOP 100 TIPS

    The Web Site  Revenue Maximizer

    ‘Niche sites with the right content and monetization strategy are extremely valuable assets’

    This kit will show you how to:
    • Pick your niche
    • Build traffic
    • Monetize it
    • Then either sell it for profit, or enjoy the spoils forever


    Pro Tip #14

    High affiliate EPC rates can often mean a tougher approval process. That costs you money!

    There’s REAL money to be made in this booming industry!

    Countless ordinary people the world over have turned small sites into a significant income that have allowed them to quit their day jobs and enjoy lives of online entrepreneurship. Will you be one of them? We hope so...

    This kit will walk you through the ins and outs of generating profit on the Web. You’ll learn from the pros just how easy it is to plan, build, and earn a steady income from your online portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the Web, or you already own a couple of web sites. You’re sure to find some amazing nuggets of wisdom which will ensure this kit pays for itself many times over.

    What’s covered in this kit?

    • Discover Online Revenue Streams
    • Profiling Your Audience
    • Business Planning
    • Understanding Copyright and Contracts
    • Finding a Domain Name
    • Planning and Procuring Content
    • Building Your Site
    • Finding a Web Host
    • Optimizing for Search Engines
    • Building Links to Your Site
    • Enabling Direct Navigation
    • Creating a Pay-per-click Campaign
    • Advertising with Affiliates
    • Promoting Your Web Site Offline
    • Strategizing for Repeat Traffic
    • Advertising Networks 101
    • Creating and Planning Ad Inventory
    • Publisher Pitfalls
    • Selling Ad Inventory
    • Optimizing Your Site for Ad Revenue
    • Affiliate Marketing 101
    • Monetizing a Site with Affiliate Marketing
    • Optimizing Your Site for Affiliate Sales
    • Ecommerce Essentials
    • Avoiding Fraud and Reducing Chargebacks
    • Fulfilling Online Orders
    • Building Credibility
    • Choosing a Metrics Package for Your Site
    • Using Your Statistics to Improve Your Site
    • Site Flipping Demystified
    • Buying, Adding Value, and Selling a Site
    • Advertising Networks
    • Advertising Solutions
    • Affiliate Networks
    • Blog Solutions and Content Management Tools
    • Domain Registrars
    • Forum Software
    • Pay-per-click Search Engine Tools
    • Traffic Analysis Tools
    • Understand Different Types of Web Sites
    • Conducting Competitive and Keyword Research

    Meet your authors

    Pro Tip #29

    Location is everything. Use CPA and conversion rates to position offers for the highest return!

    Peter T. Davis

    Peter  T. DavisPeter T. Davis is one of the world’s leading authorities on buying and selling web sites. When Peter’s not building his own portfolio of extremely profitable sites, he’s sharing his insight to thousands of people through articles and in the SitePoint forums.

    Peter’s seen it all when it comes to buying, selling, and earning and income from web sites, and after learning from his experiences, you’ll be inspired and equipped to start building an income from the Web yourself.

    Georgina Laidlaw

    Georgina LaidlawGeorgina Laidlaw has viewed the Web from just about every conceivable angle since she entered the industry in 1998. Georgina’s been heavily involved in the development of the SitePoint Marketplace, right from day one, and her experience and unique perspective will change the way you think about online investing.

    Pro Tip #5

    Not chaining ad accounts? You're missing out on easy dollars!

    What does your kit contain?

    When you order The Web Site Revenue Maximizer, you will receive a rather large box delivered straight to your doorstep. The box will contain a folder and a CD-ROM. This folder is broken into ten chapters and three appendices and the CD-ROM contains essential tools, templates and additional content.

    The CD-ROM

    The CD-ROM
    • WorksheetsWorksheets
      • Competitive Framework
      • Site Valuation Worksheet
      • Content Plan Worksheet
      • Link Building Worksheet
      • Promotion Plan Worksheet
    • Keyword AnalysisKeyword Analysis
      • Keyword Analysis Resources
    • DocumentsDocuments
      • Sample Request for Proposal
      • Sample Non-disclosure Agreement
      • Sample Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement
    • SoftwareSoftware
      • Drupal
      • phpBB
      • punBB
      • Textpattern
      • Typo3
      • Vanilla
      • WordPress
    • Bonus ContentBonus Content
      • Backordering Domain Names
      • The Legalities of Email
    • SamplesSamples from Other SitePoint Products
      • SitePoint Samples
    Pro Tip #19

    Ecommerce success is all about trust. Build it, or lose customers to your competitors!

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    HostGatorWhen you order The Web Site Revenue Maximizer you’ll also receive 6 months free hosting with Hostgator on any shared plan for a new site!

    Tell me about the deal!

    No-risk Money-back Guarantee

    Of course we’re so confident that you’ll treasure this book for years to come that we’re happy, as always, for you to try it risk-free for 30 days. If you purchase a copy of The Web Site Revenue Maximizer and you don’t think it’s everything you wanted, we would like you to have your money back.

    Simply contact us and we will see to it that you get a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price minus shipping and handling.

    What could be fairer than this?

    How to Order This Kit

    The Web Site  Revenue Maximizer

    For a small investment of just $197.00 USD, you can order The Web Site Revenue Maximizer from us, the publisher. It’s small price to pay to unleash your web site’s profit potential.

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